This course is presented in three categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, and succeeds the Urban Survival Course as a basis. Subject matter experts are drawn into presenting these courses based on the level of experience of the course participants. These courses are demanding but invaluable for the day to day situations people are faced with in terms of crime, and focus on how to effectively deal with simulated real-life scenarios in a controlled environment.

Course Introduction

• Situational Awareness / Mental Preparation
• Tactical Equipment
• Weapons System and Functioning Firearm and Range Safety Procedures
• Instinctive shooting
• Draw, Load chamber and Fire
• Immediate Action Drills
• Tactical Magazine Changes
• Transition Drills
• Engaging Targets Front, Left, Right and Rear
• Tactical Movement to and from Cover
• Shooting in Low and No Light Conditions
• Suspect Vehicle Stops
• Approach of a Suspect Vehicle
• Suspect Extraction
• Search & Arresting Techniques
• Unarmed Combat and Weapon Retention
• Under stress simulations
• First aid
• Tactical Team work

Course Time and Duration

per day

Booking on request.
Course Price:R15000 (international clients $1154)

Note: accommodation, food arrangement, pick up from the airport are available on request.

Full package Price : R21550 (international clients ($1658)
full payment needs to be done before starting the course.

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