This course is presented in three categories:
• Beginner
• Intermediate
• Advanced

Subject matter experts are drawn into presenting these courses based on the level of experience of the course participants.

Course Introduction

• Situational Awareness / Mental Preparation
• Tactical Equipment
• Weapons System and Functioning Firearm and Range Safety Procedures
• Instinctive shooting
• Draw, Load chamber and Fire
• Immediate Action Drills
• Tactical Magazine Changes
• Transition Drills
• Engaging Targets Front, Left, Right and Rear
• Tactical Movement to and from Cover
• Shooting in Low and No Light Conditions
• Suspect Vehicle Stops
• Approach of a Suspect Vehicle
• Suspect Extraction
• Search & Arresting Techniques
• Unarmed Combat and Weapon Retention
• Simulations under stress
• First aid
• Tactical Team work

Course information and Duration

All Bookings, pricing and duration of the course on request. National and International

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