This course provides formative training to entry level SWAT operators concentrating on dynamic methods for hostage rescue and high risk warrant service. The curriculum is devised for realistic and practical skill sets that allow graduates to be operationally ready upon graduation. The methods presented emphasise officer safety without sacrificing speed and are flexible to apply to a wide variety of floor plans or situations.

Course Introduction

• CQB shooting drills.
• Four Phase Mission.
• Team Movement Exercise
• Breaching Essentials.
• Fitting Personal Equipments.
• Dynamic Room Clearing.
• Occupant Handling.
• Briefing and Planning.
• Approach Phase Tasks.
• Doorway Drills.
• Vehicle Assault.
• Tactical First Aid
• Scenario Exercises.
• Coding&Reporting.
• Assault course.
• Immediate Action Drills.

Course Time and Duration

per day

Booking on request.
Course Price: R22000 (international clients $1693)

Note: accommodation, food arrangement, pickup from the airport are available on request.

Full package Price : R33600 (international clients ($2115)
full payment need to be done before starting the course.

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