Harsh and unforgiving surroundings of a real operational environment. The course enhances the capabilities of the operative and prepares him/her for active duty in hostile areas prior to deployment.

The Training Course is designed to ensure the attendees’ awareness and competence to operate in hostile environments are developed as well as all skills required. The course is intended to educate each operative to effectively discharge their complex responsibilities in similar situations. The course will be conducted as close to a real work environment as possible, keeping safety as a primary guide.

A multitude of authentic scenarios will be carried out and tested throughout the course to enhance the individual operative’s competence and skills. This course is a unique opportunity to train with the professionals and gain experience in a true operational location.


• Applicants must be of legal age
• Good health
• have a sufficient ability to speak
• Read and communicate in English
• Prior experience in the field of close protection, security or BPT is recommended but not required
• Proficient knowledge in use of fire arms and fire arm safety

Course Introduction

• Advanced security Surveys
• Operational Planning & Execution
• Convoy Procedures and Tactics
• Anti – Ambush Techniques’
• Evacuation Procedures
• Arrival& Departure Techniques
• Tactical Firearms Training
• Search Techniques
• Escort Procedures
• Disarming Techniques
• IED Recognition
• Intelligence Processing
• Advanced First Aid
• Stress Simulations

Course information and Duration

All Bookings, pricing and duration of the course on request. National and International

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