We all agree that in order to adopt realistic methods of defence against knife attacks, we first need to understand how an attacker is most likely going to use the weapon.
But how do we get that understanding?
The truth is, we mostly rely on other people (the 'experts') to give us the answers.
The problem is that the Martial Arts / Self-Defence industry is plagued by misconceptions and fallacies.
That's why I decided to properly research on this topic. I wanted to understand the dynamics of real knife attacks and I wanted it to be based on evidence.

Course Program

• Criminals behaviour
• Simulations on attacks and defence.
• Dealing with Stress conditions
• Tunnel vision
• Freezing condition
• Defending against common knife attack’s

Course Time and Duration

per day

Booking on request.

Course price :R7000 (international clients $539)

Note: accommodation, food arrangement, pick up from the airport is available on request. Full package Price : R12250 (international clients $943)

full payment needs to be done before starting the course.

Please contact us at info@kalahcombat.co.za

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