How to Disarm a Criminal with a Handgun

Let’s say the worst happens, and someone is pointing a gun at you. There are many techniques you can use to disarm a criminal, but all of them are very dangerous. You should assess the situation first to see whether you can reduce the threat other ways. It's also a good idea to get professional self-defence training.

Be aware that your goal in a situation like this is to save your life

Fighting back greatly increases your odds of losing your life.

Be aware that the most common mistake made by potential victims in cases like these is overconfidence. Being overconfident leads to the vast majority of deaths. The second most common mistake is fighting back without analysing the situation. However, there are times when you may calculate that you need to do so.

Course program

• Criminals behaviour.
• Simulations on attacks and defence.
• Dealing with Stress conditions
• Tunnel vision
• Freezing condition
• Under stress communication
• Defending against common guns threat
• Use of firearm/basic tactical training

Course Time and Duration

per day

Booking on request.
Course price :R10000 ($770)

Note: accommodation, food arrangement, pick up from the airport are available on request.

Full package Price : R19500 (international clients $1500)
full payment needs to be done before starting the course.

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