Designed to cover the skills and procedures required to provide effective Executive/Dignitary protection. This course will meet the needs of those who are responsible for establishing security measures whilst protecting prominent individuals from all walks of life.

This is a comprehensive program and training curriculum that incorporates the latest industry and is hand on interactive course.

Course Introduction

• Protective Security Formations
• Protection Agent Responsibilities
• Arrivals and Departures
• Special Events
• Attacks on the Principal
• Attacks on Motorcades
• Protection Strategies and Tactic
• Operational Planning
• Communications and Logistics
• Operations Management
• Principal Emergency Medicine
• Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment
• Venue Advances
• Residential Protection
• Vehicle security
• Motorcade and Protective Security Driving
• Operations in High-Threat Environments
• Legal Principles of Personal Protection

Course information and Duration

All Bookings, pricing and duration of the course on request. National and International

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