The KALAH system was founded and developed in South Africa by Idan Abolnik in 2003. KALAH has been used by:
• Israeli special forces
• unit security forces
• global law enforcement units around

KALAH is currently presented in MORE THAN 20 COUNTRIES!

What is KALAH?

K – Krav (Hebrew for fight)
L – Lotar (Hebrew for fight against terror)
H – Hagahna (Hebrew for defence).
A + A – The Star of David

KALAH principles are based on experience in the battlefield. There are no rules when it comes to defending yourself. Just like an attacker has no rules. An attacker will use any means available to obtain their objective, which is why self-defence and survival are not easy.

This is why the KALAH programme has been designed to be realistic, effective, and get the job done.

Your KALAH training will build you up, mentally and physically, so as to increase your odds of survival.

Who is Idan Abolnik?

Idan is the founder and head instructor of the KALAH system. More than a decade of combat experience in some of the world’s most trying conflicts has given him what can only be described as a ‘world class’ level of experience in both armed and unarmed combat.

Soon after entering the Israeli military, Idan was selected to join one of their most respected units, the Golani Unit. During his active service, Idan took part in countless high-risk operations – both internally and internationally. The Golani Unit is particularly famous for its unparalleled operational experience within Lebanon and Gaza, and its fighters are some of the most hardened and skilled within the IDF.

Through his creation of KALAH, Idan is passionate about sharing his skills and knowledge with others to help them stay alive even under the most trying of circumstances.

Idan Abolnik

Founder of Kalah

Idan Abolnik

Founder of Kalah

Idan Abolnik

Founder of Kalah
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