Real self defense.

We must never look at self defense from a personal perspective. We must look at self defense from a reality based perspective. Most people have the wrong idea of what self defense is and more so, the wrong idea of what will be required of them to defend themselves and or loved ones. Many self defense organizations in South Africa and globally give the wrong idea that self defense is easy, fun, and fast to learn. If we look at real life attacks such as: knife and or sharp weapon attacks, gun point, bar fights, gender based violence, rape. None of the above mentioned will ever be easy, fun or easy to learn to overcome.

When the techniques look to impressive to be effective in a training session, they probably are. Here are a few examples:

1. Guns flying out of the attackers hands.
2. Flying kicks or pressure point attacks.
3. Simultaneous attack and counter attack. “Block and Punch” at the same time.
4. When the training session looks like an “Action Movie”. (I call it the James Bond approach.)

If it is any of the above mentioned, then it is no longer self-defense. The approach to self-defense must be taken seriously. An attacker will do anything in his/her power to overcome the victim, whether the victim is male or female.

Definition of an attack:

An aggressive and violent act against a person.
1. Without a doubt, an attacker will resist the defense.
2. He/she will attack when one is not aware.
3. He/she may use weapons against the victim.
4. He/she may be under the influence of drugs.
5. He/she will be extremely aggressive.
6. His/her motive to attack, may escalate to extreme acts such as: Kidnapping, Rape, Murder, and more.
7. The most difficult being multiple attacker scenarios.

The only way to have a chance of survival in such types of terrifying situations, is by the grace of God and HARD REALITY BASED TRAINING!

No one plans to be attacked in their lifetime. It is better to be prepared than to be sorry. Victory loves preparation.

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