Real Self-Defence

Most people have the wrong idea of what self-defence is and what will be required of them to defend themselves or their loved ones when faced with danger.

Many self-defence organisations – both in South Africa and globally – give the wrong idea that self-defence is easy, fun, and fast to learn.

But, real life attacks involving knives, other sharp weapons, or guns; fist-fights; gender-based violence; and rape are never fun, nor are they easy to learn to overcome.

If it looks too impressive to be effective, it probably is:

1. Guns flying out of attackers' hands
2. Flying kicks or pressure-point attacks
3. Simultaneous attacks and counter-attacks (the 'Block and Punch')

Whenever a training session looks more like an action movie than real life (the "James Bond Approach'), it is no longer self-defence.

Self-defence must be take seriously. Attackers will do anything in their power to overcome their victims.

Attack: An aggressive and violent act against a person.

An attacker will:
· resist your defence
· attack when you are not aware
· likely use weapons
· likely be under the influence of drugs
· be extremely aggressive
· easily escalate an initial attack to something more extreme:
1. kidnapping
2. rape
3. murder

Remember: It is always most difficult to defend yourself against multiple attackers.

The best chance of survival is by the grace of God and HARD REALITY-BASED TRAINING!

No one plans to be attacked in their lifetime. It is better to be prepared than to be sorry. Victory loves preparation.

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