Welcome to the Kalah System.

The Kalah System is a Self-Defence and Combat System that's developed by Idan Abolnik, Ex-IDF Commando Unit. Today, the Kalah System is known as one of the most effective self defence and combat systems worldwide.

Why train with us

Because self defence should be taken as serious as a life or death situation, It’s been developed to offer you the best chance of survival from extreme violence. Although we train realistically, at the same time, we are responsible for your safety.

Only Kalah schools around the world train the Kalah System as developed by Idan Abolnik. Except no substitute. Train in the most realistic environment possible.

The Kalah System is gaining a worldwide reputation for being the most realistic and effective Self defence / combat training available. Training survivors globally.

We train survivors

“Learning to defend yourself and your loved ones is necessary but also very challenging. It is a serious subject and your training must reflect that.
Our classes will challenge you, teach you, grow your fitness and conditioning but most importantly give you a real understanding of modern violence and how to deal with it”

Sometimes the only person who's going to have your back
is you.

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