The time for SA to stand together is now!

We invite you to become the instructor for your farming community. If every farmer and farmer tactical unit can have the same level of the best training possible, working together will become flawless and very, very effective.

We invite farmers, from all over SA to become an instructor for your community watch and farmers. To train them like we will train you, to lead them, to strengthen the units and the training, to strengthen SA together. No matter where you go, that will enable you to stand together as one, with one combat language.


combat shooting
bush warfare
urban warfare
assault weapon and side arm operation (shooting and moving)
team operation
hand to hand combat
arresting techniques


This course is developed and designed specifically for the farmers of SA. We want to enable you to be smarter, faster, harder, better, more united and readier and more capable in defeating your enemy. To be ready before your enemy. One nation, one language, one standard.

If you live far away from the studio, you will receive accommodation, travel to and from training, food, ammunition, and everything else you will require to complete this course.

Cost, rules and time

This is where unity plays a role. This course will incur several costs for Kalah SA. Therefore, should the community wish to stand together, EVERYONE decides who will become the instructor for the community and everyone can donate for him/her to do the course. This in turn will only benefit the community and the instructor. We will set up a date once a month where the farmers community instructor can come and train with Idan at Kalah in Pretoria/Centurion/Potchefstroom.


You must be 20-55

You must be semi fit

You must be willing to learn and teach others

You must be willing to work hard in training



If you are close enough to drive yourself to the studio and back, or you would like to pay for your own accommodation, travel, food, etc... (ammunition we will still supply) it is R15000/pp (you can pay monthly installments. BEFORE training begins: (5 payments:R3000/m)

If you live far away or you would like us to do all, cost inclusive, it's R20 000/pp (you can pay over monthly installments  BEFORE training begins: (5 payments:R4000/m)


The course will be consecutive 14 days.

Next Course will be early 2018 dates to be confirmed.


  • THE 2019 DATES!

  • 4 FEB - 15 FEB 2019  (BOOKINGS OPEN)