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If you are here, it means you are ready to be put through a test. You feel confident that you are doing very well and you understand the principles of KALAH and you understand the basics. This means the instructors will test you on your programme one training. If you pass, you get to send us your size, you get a kalah t-shirt. You also get your certificate saying that you have passed your Kalah programme one training. Signed by IDAN ABOLNIK HIMSELF.


Should you fail, you can continue to try and go through the test. There is NO shame in failing. Failing means you are open to learn more, to learn more means you become better and better.


Are you ready to claim and be tested?

Name *
I hereby KNOW that the test will be hard, I know that I might get injuries. I understand and fully understand that no Instructor, student, outsider, studio, ground owner, business owner, or the owner of kalah will be held liable for any damage to my body, including death. I understand that I made the choice to go through the test and that I was not forced. I also know and understand that By giving my full name, ID number, and electronic box ticl means that I TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for all that is happening during this test and that I, personally, accept everything said above.